Following the photography project of Audrey Wade, we spent time with three European families who have opened their homes to Syrian refugees.

One of those families is the Jellinek who gathers every week for a Shabbat dinner in their central Berlin home. Chaim, his wife Kyra and three of their four children sit around a candle-lit table to recite blessings over wine and good food.

This year, their weekly tradition has included an unlikely guest. Twenty-eight-year old Kinan, a Syrian Muslim, has been living with the Jellineks since November 2015. He joins them for Shabbat most Fridays and often cooks Syrian meals that he has learned to make by watching videos on YouTube.

“Integration is not one-sided work,” Chaim said. ”Integration is not something that we should only ask from people coming into our country. We should ask this of ourselves too. We must accept different food, different culture, behaviour. It’s a process from both sides.”

Directed and Produced by Leslie Knott, Clementine Malpas and Lucy Martens.