Leslie Knott


Leslie is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. Her first film, Out of the Ashes, won a 2011 Grierson Award. Her films have been broadcast on Netflix, BBC, ARTE, PBS, ITV, ABC, NBC, Channel 4 and CBC. In 2013 Leslie was nominated for an Academy Award for “Buzkashi Boys” which was co-produced by the Afghan Film Project, a non-profit NGO that Leslie co-founded in 2010 to help train Afghan filmmakers and foster Afghanistan’s film industry.

Clementine Malpas

British filmmaker Clementine Malpas, co-founder of Tiger Nest Films.

Clementine is an award-winning documentary filmmaker with over 13 years’ experience in the developing world. Her most recent film about Nigerian girls trafficked to Italy for sex, won a SIMA award. Previous films have been nominated for awards from Royal Television Society and One World Media Awards. She was previously based in Kenya and Afghanistan. Her films have been broadcasted internationally on Channel 4, Al Jazeera, CNN, PBS and Netflix among others.

People we work with

Lucy Martens


Lucy is a Berlin based, award-winning filmmaker and editor. Her credits include Out of the Ashes, Voices from the Inside, and Speed Sisters, a film about female Palestinian race car drivers.
She is currently shooting a film on Native Indians in South Dakota

Flora Bagenal

Flora photo

Flora Bagenal is a journalist and film maker with ten years experience working in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. Her work has been shown by The Sunday Times, Channel 4 News, The Guardian, Reuters and News Deeply.